hi i'm jane, enfp, seventeen.

i like revolutionaries, wolf girls who fight through their teeth, queens, gods and mythology. pretty words and backstories are hard to resist, but i'll always fall for the dynamics and tragic heroes.

i live a bellamy blake, raven reyes, thénardier siblings, les amis, finnick odair, jaime lannister, tony stark, clarke griffin, elia martell, will turner, brienne of tarth, jasper jordan, elizabeth swann, monty green, jack sparrow, arthur dayne, octavia blake and jack wilder appreciation life.


"the beatles were the best band to ever live" 

lol …. ok….the jonas brothers though? 

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i was tagged by danae to say five things that make me happy so!

  • the dornish (because elia martell and arthur dayne and juST SAND SNAKES AND MARTELLS AND DAYNES AND EVERYTHING they make me happy and endlessly sad w/e you win some you lose some)
  • bellamy blake (bc babe)
  • boys with fierce hearts and loyalty beating in the drums of their veins and who are passionate and strident in their causes
  • girls who run like wolves and launch revolutions with their bullet souls and are queens and will not stand for their worth being disrespected because “you don’t get to tell me my worth”
  • candy floss (yum yum yum soft floaty pink and blue sugar of my heart)

i tag roma, ellie, thea, jen and jenny!

Quit flaunting your ethnicity like we get it your Arab Jesus.




you know what’s beautiful?

ronan lynch and gansey (richard iii, which, now that i think about it, is a seriously shitty name for gansey, esp with his fascination with glendower who fought against england).

because holy shit. let’s be straight for a second (“never,” snarls ronan lynch, staring you in the eye with his unnerving gaze) because most people could not deal with having one of them as a bestie.

ronan is the obvious choice (everything about him screams rage against the machine, and also against declan) but as charming as gansey is, as stunningly important and lovely as he is, sometimes he can be a bit much, and he’s not just gansey; he comes with the stigma of richard campbell gansey iii, because all aspects of gansey and his life comes as part of the package, and tbh, that could be really hard for people to deal with sometimes.

but despite their differences—because really, the differences between them are more marked than the differences between adam and gansey, because ronan and gansey have the same sort of origin point but their actions from that point are so different—these assholes stick together through thick and thin. they consider themselves brothers. let’s think about this quote for a second: ‘Instead of answering, Ronan asked, “Do you not want me to come?” Something stuck in Gansey’s chest. “I would take all of you anywhere with me.”

like sure it’s a quote that applies to the raven boys on a whole and it tells us so much about gansey but that interaction is so important because it is ronan caring enough about gansey to let himself appear vulnerable and ask the hard question and it’s gansey’s fierce heart pounding in his chest because god he would always take them with him. he would choose them every damn day, and gansey worries about ronan and does his best to protect him and remembers the ronan he used to be and still loves the ronan he is now and then, for ronan, gansey is his best friend, his brother, like, after he crashd the pig, it says “he felt like his heart was collapsing inside him” as he thought about gansey’s reaction, and gansey is his brother and like think about when he and gansey realised blue was the voice on the tape because he was fierce and terrifying and it was all out of protection and love for gansey and he isn’t in love with gansey, but it’s all the more pure for that because he will always love and defend gansey—gansey is untouchable for him—and fuck, everything about the friendship between this pair is just so goddamn beautiful.

i love it so much. it gives me reasons to smile and every time i reread these books, every time i give my heart and mind free reign to explore and cherish the characters, i come back from it with more love in my heart for the beauty of this friendship. i mean, fuck, blue and the raven boys is an ultimate friendship and calla/maura/persephone is an ultimate friendship and just this entire series has all the best dynamics ever but there is always a special place in my heart for friends like ronan and gansey.


adam parrish’s cheekbones are higher than the chance of gansey living



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i believe in hate at first sight

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can we talk about how bellamy’s holding the weight of the 320 culled souls on his shoulders when finn is equally to blame, if not more?

because bellamy destroyed the radio which stopped them from being able to contact the ark by possibly mere minutes or hours, and a day at most, but finn collins…

actually there’s been a few unconfirmed spoilers saying that it was actually Raven who did the illegal spacewalking and Finn was just covering for her because she was over the age of 18… sooo….

okay tbh that’d be interesting if it was true but it seems kinda weird seeing as raven has said “that wasn’t your ‘nothing’ face, that was your ‘going on a spacewalk’ face” to finn during season one, and seeing as they were alone, it’s a really weird phrase to use if she knew he didn’t actually do it?? like, it’d be kinda cool if they did it, but they’d have a hard time doing it and having it actually make sense

hmmm I forgot that Raven said that to Finn. it will be interesting once they actually tell us why Finn went on the spacewalk or if he actually did.  Jason has said that it will be expanded on in season 2. I like to think he covered for Raven, it would make total sense if he did. Finn is one of my favorite characters and i just see so much hate for him that i think is entirely unwarrented

i guess it could work with raven saying he “saved [her] life”, but tbh i think the “saved my life” line is more vague than the “going on a spacewalk” one, and the fact that he shared his rations with her can kind of account for that?

i think it’d be interesting if he did cover for raven, though difficult for the writers to pull off, but i don’t think any hate for him is “entirely unwarranted”. i like finn, but he cheated on raven, he decidedly did not mention to clarke that he had a girlfriend, not in any of his ample chances to, and clarke has a point about him not thinking he’d ever see raven again, but raven definitely has a point about how he could have waited more than ten days. and yeah, i personally don’t think he’d have had sex with clarke right then if he wasn’t so upset (x), but that doesn’t change the fact that he flirted with her enough to lead them into that position and it certainly doesn’t change what transpired after the sex. because that’s what i take issue with (x); i can understand loss and seeking comfort and grief and heartbreak driving you to really shitty decisions but it’s the after-sex morning that makes me mad, because he really should have ‘fessed up, but instead, he lets clarke think she was the only one he cared for.

i like finn, but the hate he gets isn’t unwarranted because he cheated on a badass, wonderful girl named raven reyes who was risking her ass to come down and find him, with a strong, brilliant girl named clarke griffin, and he never once gave any indication that there was anyone who loved him and he loved. and yeah, tbh, i like finn, but he deserves to be held accountable for that. just because he does good things doesn’t mean he’s off the hook for all the shitty things he does???

like not only does he cheat on the stunning goddess known as raven reyes, but he makes clarke into the unknowing other woman, and then he’s mad at her for not trusting him??? for not talking to him first??? for trusting bellamy??? like, he’s entitled to his own emotions, but he’s not entitled to trying to make clarke feel guilty when he was the one who kept things from her and totally abused her trust by not letting her know he was a taken bloke. ugh. yeah so the fandom can be spitting sheer vitriol at finn at times, but it’s hardly “entirely unwarranted” tbh.

No one ever mentions how entirely wrong it is of Bellamy to act like the gatekeeper to Octavia’s vagina. It’s her body which means her rules. He tends to treat Octavia like his possession and many Bellamy fans seem to love this and even romanticize it.   Bellamy also seems to be sleeping with minors but no one has a problem with that as well??

It seems like there’s a double standard here with Bellamy and Finn.

I’m not defending Finn’s actions, we all know what we did was wrong. But for some reason we are more willing to forgive Bellamy for all the wrong that he is done and yet not forgive Finn for the mistakes that he has done.

the reason i say the Finn hate is unwarranted is because many characters have made lots of mistakes and people seem to accept their flaws and move on (which i agree with) but with Finn they constantly have to rage about what an awful person. 

Finn had risked his life to save Jasper, Octavia, Raven, Clarke and Bellamy’s life.  He helped Clarke mend her relationship with Wells before he died, forgave Lincoln for stabbing him and tried to make a peace treaty, came up with the idea to bomb the bridge to give everyone sick more time to recover, helped rescue Murphy from being hung and then tried to protect Charlotte from Murphy, he also caused a distraction in the last episode with the reapers to get the grounders away from the shuttle to give more time.

People seem to forget about all these great things about Finn and i am here to remind you all that he is an amazing well developed character that has fucked up a lot but has a golden heart.

hey so firstly i’m sorry about how long it took me to reply to this but i just could not bring myself to tumblr for like a week

also i have a second thing but i think it can hold until i respond to all of this ^^

no but bellamy has literally nothing to do with this?? he was introduced as a point in the original post as a point of difference to finn in terms of accountability for lives lost on the ark (okay i retract my thing about holding in the second point because this is an ideal time to make it: this was probably not esp clear in my original post and for that i’m sorry for any issues caused, but when i was talking about accountability, i meant it in terms of the show. as in, “why is everyone holding this on bellamy’s conscience and nobody giving finn any side-eye even though they all clearly know what he did, especially clarke, given her knowledge of the oxygen issue and her pilot episode statement of him using a month of oxygen”; it doesn’t matter that it might have been raven who did it, because the only characters who would know that would be raven and finn, so why aren’t any of the characters holding him accountable? i mean yeah some of it was also out of character like to us but the main point was for the actual in-character accountability and i’m really sorry that i didn’t make that more clear) BUT bellamy regarding octavia has really nothing to do with any hate finn gets nor with the original point about in-character accountability

like, shit, yeah, it’s totally overbearing and obviously wrong for bellamy to treat octavia as if she has to live her life within his approved parameters, but there is reason for that?? like he’s taking it way too far (though he puts her safety before that, as we see in the finale re: linctavia) but the root of it is protectiveness; the thing driving that is the fact that he’s been responsible for her entire existence since he was a kid, and he’s taking it way too far, yeah, but it makes sense how that could happen, and it’s not like we have anything to compare them to anyway because we don’t know of any other siblings as of yet, you know? but what finn definitely did was cheat on his girlfriend. and even if fans blow that out of proportion, in the opinion of some, they’re not changing the basic fact that he cheated. and to make things worse, he kept clarke in the dark about the fact that raven existed; even if he never thought he’d see raven again, clarke deserved to know, and raven deserved to be acknowledged, and that makes people as angry as the cheating act itself does. at least bellamy isn’t keeping these girls in the dark. also (and i acknowledge that this is semantics), it’s entirely possible that those girls aren’t minors, because given how close clarke was to her birthday, it’s totally possible that there were girls in lock up that were older than her. and honestly, for me (because we’re projecting our own morals here), the difference between five days off eighteen and five days past eighteen isn’t the difference between having sex with a child and having sex with a mature, consenting adult. it’s against the law, most likely (on the ark), but the point is that the ark’s laws belong to the ark; “we make the rules,” clarke tells bellamy urgently. and they’re not perfect or anything but this is a society full of teenagers having to take on the roles of adults, and in this instance, i’m not convinced any law comes into it, but obviously, you are entirely at your liberty to disagree.

i don’t think there’s a double standard at all, at least not in the sense you’re suggesting. i just think that different people prioritise different things, and that there is a solid portion of the 100 fandom who place higher moral value on not cheating than not wanting to make peace with grounders. and that’s totally their right, and it’s totally your right to feel differently; a double standard would be if they did the same thing and were treated differently — which, now that i think about, is kind of like the issue with bellamy being held accountable for the culling and finn not for the month of oxygen lost (again, in character).

i’m a little concerned about the way you label bellamy’s deeds as “wrong” and finn’s as “mistakes”, because those words imply intent and accident, respectively. it’s not like finn forgot he had a girlfriend, lost use of his speaking capacity, and fell into clarke’s vagina; he knowingly had sex with her and did not once mention to her the presence of his very real and dedicated girlfriend. it wasn’t an accident. and if you mean it as in it was a dumb choice he regrets, then i’m not entirely sure (i think he’s sorry about how it came about, but i don’t think he actually regrets doing it, but hey, personal opinion), and also, in that sense of the word, then mistake would be applicable to bellamy. i don’t think we’ve seen any character on the show who regrets things like bellamy does. the only negative things i think bellamy’s ever done that i don’t think he wouldn’t jump at a heartbeat to change are shooting jaha, because that got him in a place to be reunited with and protect octavia, and killing dax, because he would have killed both him and clarke. i can’t honestly say the same thing for finn regarding this issue, which is probably why i haven’t forgiven him yet.

don’t get me wrong. i like finn. i genuinely do. he does great things sometimes, and i don’t disagree with that, but so does every character on the show. like, fuck, even murphy helped sometimes. and i’m not dismissing finn’s bravery or good things because i will always be endlessly grateful about what he did for wells, but just because i like him doesn’t mean i forgive him. it doesn’t mean i think he’s great. i’m basically holding him accountable because the show hasn’t; at least, not to the degree i want. that’s my choice. bellamy is reminded of all his mistakes every single day but finn isn’t, and finn’s fuck up was pretty dickish (like, there is literally nothing noble to be found in what he did), so even though i like him, i continue to hold him accountable.

and re: you saying that finn’s hate is unwarranted, i still hold issue with it, because unwarranted means unjustified and again, in saying that, it’s kinda like you’re saying that finn doesn’t deserve to be held accountable for anything and that doing so is irrational? because it’s not. it’s really not. he did a shitty thing and i’m holding him accountable. i hold bellamy accountable for the things he does too, and clarke, and raven, and octavia, and murphy, so it’s not like i’m especially maligning finn, which is a position i suspect is similar for a fair chunk of us. i don’t think unwarranted is a fair thing to say; thinking that people are too harsh, sure, that’s understandable, but saying it’s unwarranted kind of excuses everything he’s done and invalidates our opinions?

idk man i acknowledge all the good things finn has done and i like him for it but i still can’t forgive him for what he did re: clarke/raven (and i don’t want him to be dead, but i do want all his puppy stares at clarke to stop ugh) and i don’t understand why the characters don’t hold him accountable for what they think and know he’s done

so hi i’m a slacker and my ships are more interesting than college apps so if you feel like it, send me one of these prompts (or another of your choice/making!!) and a pairing and i’ll write the thing

au prompts

  • the one where one of them is famous and the other one is the person from the small home town that they never quite managed to get out of their system
  • the one where they have superpowers
  • the one where they’re pirates/potc!au
  • the one where they’re students at hogwarts
  • the one where they’re involved in a revolution
  • the one where one of them has some weird kooky enchantment crap going on so everyone of the opposite gender is insanely attracted to them and the other is the only one acting normal
  • the coffee shop au
  • the one where they’re immortal/gods
  • the high school/college au
  • the one where there’s a road trip
  • the one where they go to a haunted house
  • the one where they spend the summer with their friend group at a cool place and summer love is happening at last
  • the tattoo parlour au
  • the one where one of them is obsessed with documenting their life and takes polaroids of everything because alzheimer’s runs in the family
  • the one where one of them is an author and the other shows up at their house in the middle of the night, soaked from the rain, holding up the book and demanding answers about why the plot reads like the story of them but with the protagonist’s love interest’s emotions all wrong
  • the robin hood au
  • the one where it is all communicated through social media
  • the hunger games au
  • the camp half-blood au
  • the disney au [the one where they’re transplanted into some marvellous mix of disney]
  • the small town au
  • the one where everyone else knows they’re in love except for them
  • the mummy au [because rick/evy is everything tbh]
  • the breakfast club au [obv will include more than the pairing but just providing a pairing is fine]
  • the 10 things i hate about you au
  • the one where one of them is insanely in love with the other and the one who’s getting loved on is just hella oblivious
  • the one where they’re at a boarding school and are stuck hiding in the headmaster’s office, trying to escape without being caught but also bickering because otp
  • the reincarnation au
  • the one where one of them is a ghost
  • the one where they’re detectives
  • the one where they’re bonded together—think handcuffs idk—until they receive true love’s kiss
  • the five + one au [idk specifications desired pls]
  • the five times __ was left standing alone in the rain + one time __ wasn’t au
  • the cotillion au
  • the modern day fairytale au
  • the one where one of them works at the cinema and all of their workmates tease them endlessly about the other one, who is a very regular customer
  • the one where one is recovering from amnesia in hospital and the other one is their nurse
  • the one where they’re journalists
  • the one where time travel is real
  • the one where they live in this weird big house with all these other ‘kids’ and they’re all thieves/spies working for this person who owns the house and rescued them all from their own situations
  • the one where they’re thieves/hackers
  • the one where they’re touring together/rockstar!au
  • the one where one’s a mechanic and the other always breaks down their vehicle

or seriously yo anything you can think of xx


The Mummy (1999) ❥ Rick O’Connell & Evelyn Carnahan II

“If he turns me into a mummy, you’re the first one I’m coming after.”


Movie meme: 10 movies

6/10: The mummy (1&2)

Evelyn: Look, I… I may not be an explorer, or an adventurer, or a treasure-seeker, or a gunfighter, Mr. O’Connell, but I am proud of what I am.

Rick: And what is that?

Evelyn: I… am a librarian.


Rick: Thought I almost lost you.

Evelyn: For a moment there you did.

Evelyn: Do you want to know what heaven looks like?

Rick: Later.

Alex: Oh please!


The Mummy (1999) ❥ Rick O’Connell & Evelyn Carnahan

“End of job. End of story. Contract terminated!”


The Mummy (1999) ❥ Evelyn Carnahan (Evy)

"They are led by a woman. What does a woman know?"